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Free grant writing workbook

No two grant proposals are the same. But all funders expect clear, concise, well-written proposals.

"Grant Writing for Novices," a short workbook from, provides a complete process to help you write a winning grant proposal as well as examples of common documents and easy-to-follow templates.

Learn to:
* Find the right funders for your nonprofit;
* Describe the challenge in your community and your proposed solution; and
* Present a realistic project plan and budget.

To access the workbook, please click on the link below. You will need to have an account with, which you can create for free via the link or at


Date: 7/5/2021 3:09:18 PM
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Free Guide to Using a Program Strategy Map

This guide and accompanying tool from The Bridgespan Group can help your organization visualize and evaluate the performance of its nonprofit's programs to help it better understand and make decisions about its programs.


Date: 7/5/2021 2:24:17 PM
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Applications open for the 2021 GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security (deadline: Sept. 23)

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and its Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme invites applications for the 2021 GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security.

The winners (first, second, and third place) will be selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

* Dedication to sustainable global security
* Preservation of human dignity, security, and justice
* Creativity and originality

Applications may come from individuals or organizations from any country, but the project should go beyond national borders in its reach or thought and must seek to address global security challenges in innovative ways. A broad range of projects could qualify for consideration, including, but not limited to, technological and conceptual innovations, original research, or grassroots initiatives.

The winners will be announced publicly during an event to be held in November 2021. The prize for the application coming in first place is CHF 10’000 and a certificate of excellence. The two other finalist applications will receive a certificate of recognition.

Deadline to apply: September 23, 2021.

For more information and/or to apply, please click on the link below.


Date: 7/5/2021 2:01:43 PM
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Free webinar: Innovate for Impact with Engine 1/Engine 2, June 8

Your nonprofit needs to expand its existing programs to meet the growing needs of its constituents, but it also wants to develop innovative new solutions to extend its impact. How does it pursue both given limited time and resources?

A concept known as “Engine 1/Engine 2” can help it balance the need to manage existing programs and services (its “Engine 1”) while simultaneously innovating new approaches to impact (its “Engine 2”).

On June 8, from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. EDT, The Bridgespan Group will host a webinar on "Innovate for Impact with Engine 1/Engine 2." Authors of “Twin Engines for Propelling Social Impact,” Laura Lanzerotti and Ann Mei Chang, will provide an overview of the Engine 1/Engine 2 concept and two social sector leaders, Melissa Connelly, CEO of OneGoal, and Dr. Jordan Kassalow, founder of VisionSpring and co-founder of EYElliance, will share their experiences applying the concept in their organizations.

Attendees will learn:

- What is the Engine 1 / Engine 2 concept, and when is investing in an Engine 2 important?
- Why Engine 1 and Engine 2 require different mindsets, capabilities, and success metrics.
- How to think about your nonprofit’s Engine 1 and Engine 2.
- How to balance the strategic and organizational tensions required to pursue both.

To register for the webinar, please click on the link below.


Date: 6/3/2021 9:02:50 PM
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