Conference proceedings, position papers, monographs and reports are published and distributed by the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations as a service to the world community and to the WANGO membership.
Conference Proceedings
The NGO Revolution

The NGO Revolution is a collection of presentations and papers from the 2004 and 2005 WANGO Annual Conferences. In this text, national and international leaders representing governments and civil society, as well as NGO practitioners, share their understanding, tell their stories and offer innovative solutions for serious problems confronting humanity and the world.
ISBN: 1885118171, 284 pages.

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Development, Social Justice, and Civil Society:
An Introduction to the Political Economy of NGOs

This book is an introduction to the political economy of NGOs. It reviews the historical evolution that has led to the mainstreaming of NGOs and in some cases, to corruption, graft, and deviation from their founding principles, and also describes the challenges that NGOs face in less developed countries.

Culture of Responsibility and the Role of NGOs

Culture of Responsibility and the Role of NGOs is the compilation of the proceedings of the WANGO Annual Conference 2002. The conference collection offers a unique perspective into the accomplishments and constraints of the non-governmental community, and recent trends in global non-governmentalism.
ISBN: 1885118147, 400 pages.

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Serving the Nation, Serving the World

Serving the Nation, Serving the World commemorates the International Day of Families (May 15) and the International Year of Volunteers (2001). It contains reflection and advice from leaders in many areas of society around the world on the topics of family, volunteerism, and intercultural cooperation. It is designed to stimulate global thought and UN policy on these topics.

Dialogue and Harmony Among Civilizations:
The Family, Universal Values and World Peace

Dedicated to the United Nations' theme for 2001: Dialogue Among Civilizations, this book is a comprehensive discussion of the theme from all sectors of society; religious and political leaders, academics, environmentalists, and includes participants from all over the world.

The Millennium Declaration of the United Nations:
A Response from Civil Society

We stand on the threshold of a dramatic change in the way we perceive and practice global governance. Governance is not only for governments. The institutions of civil society which bridge the gap between individuals and states are needed, and are indispensable as partners, players and participators in the planning and implementing of policies aimed at creating a better world, a culture of peace. Includes a copy of the United Nations Millennium Declaration in the appendix.

Renewing the United Nations and Building a Culture of Peace

A report from Assembly 2000, prepared for the Millennium Summit of the United Nations.

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Special Publications

United Nations Treaty Collection. A summary collection by WANGO of twelve major multilateral conventions and protocols and several regional conventions related to states' responsibilities for combating terrorism.

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