A Response from Civil Society

Executive Summary
Opening Statements
Reviewing the Millennium Declaration
NGOs as Partners in Debt Relief and Financing for Development
NGOs as Partners in Values and Public Service
NGOs as Partners in Strengthening the Family
> Building Cultures of Peace and Leadership
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Building Cultures of Peace and Leadership
Rev. Dr. David Randle, President of Wellness Health and Lifestyle Education, discussed the interrelationship of global perspectives, culture and religion, and leadership education. He noted that the process of leadership has everything to do with being effective in facing challenges of the material world, and today, it has been discovered that challenges are most successfully met and overcome by whole groups tapping into such things as purpose, passion and compassion, which lie at the core of human beings. He said the call to leadership is now more like a journey than a job, a journey to the heart and soul to remember the values and visions that most inspire us and reawaken the experience of deeply caring for ourselves and others. When it comes to the effectiveness of an organization or program, it depends upon people and how well they are able to interact to make a difference. He stated the chief relationship skill is communication that can create breakthrough results.