Call for Educational Materials

"Read So They May Read" Campaign



The idea of sourcing and distributing educational books and materials among deprived African children of school age has become a forefront need in the campaign for increased access to quality basic education for all.


With Africa burdened with about 75 million ‘out of school children’ and over 70% of those in school still without access to quality education, it is clear that the African child needs all the aid it can obtain. Presently, about $3 billion is received as aid yearly to encourage the situation in poor countries.


However, a study by UNICEF reveals that such countries (mostly sub-Saharan Africa, The Pacific and East Asia) need an estimated $16 billion annually to reach the ‘Education for All’ goals by 2015. Subsequently, it is obvious that all hands need to be on deck to increase the current aid for education.



Thus, the above has necessitated a special non-governmental initiative to improve the access of school-age children and African youths to quality basic education, spearheaded by IDAY (International Day of the African Child…and its Youths’), in collaboration with the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO’s Zero Illiteracy project (ZIP)’s drive for collaboration between stakeholders – including national governments). This year’s commemoration of IDAY was designed to support the effort of the federal governments in meeting the MDGs 2 (education) target of 2015.


Hosted on the theme “Read So They May Read,” this commemoration and campaign has resulted in the donation of a huge quantity of educational items and materials by different NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, and individuals during the special evening of readings.


The donations range from educational books and writing materials, teaching aids and other resources that will assist children between the ages of 6 and 14 with limited access to basic education. More of these are still being expected from Non-State Actors, NGOs, business organisations and other charitable individuals and Foundations.


Subsequently, as part of the IDAY’s objectives and WANGO’s Zero Illiteracy Project (ZIP), we are calling for interested organisations worldwide to continue to support through the donations of these materials, which are targeted for distribution to qualified organizations -- specified centres, community schools, local libraries, and so forth. This campaign will continue until June 16, 2012. Please note that beneficiaries of these materials are considered based on the following criteria:-

1.                   Organization is a grassroots initiative with feasible interest in community library initiative.

2.                   Materials available are for school children of school age between the ages of 6 and 14.

3.                   Should be operating in rural areas without access to basic quality education.

4.                   Such application must be accompanied by a written endorsement by the target community leader.


There will be an independent study/assessment of the area(s) and organizations to ascertain any such claims and this may require site visit before a recipient is decided on. We invite you to send your donations to the following address and contact:


IDAY Country Representative, WANGO Africa Secretariat, 2nd Floor Gidan Abbas MG, No 12 Sultan Road GRA Kaduna 800001, Nigeria. Tel: +234 – 08034537392. E-mail: OR