In 2025, the UN will conduct a comprehensive peacebuilding review, allowing it to assess its standing in the peacebuilding field and consider the extent to which it wants to play a leadership role in setting the direction of peacebuilding. It has long been recognized that the strength of the peacebuilding community comes from its many actors. How can the UN ensure the meaningful participation of new voices, including local and international NGOs, and be open to recommendations of new approaches? Life & Peace Institute’s Lesley Connolly and Aaron Stanley say one way would be to change how it carries out the review and “create a new working modality based on new forms of partnerships,” adding that, “if [they] embrace this opportunity, it could play a significant role in facilitating a shift toward a new vision of peacebuilding.” (Read more...)
This year, World Environment Day (WED), which is celebrated annually on June 5, will focus on three often overlooked challenges: land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. One of the most effective ways to restore degraded land, halt desertification, and build drought resilience is through ecosystem restoration. "Our priority now must be on restoring ecosystems - on replanting our forests, on rewetting our marshes, on reviving our soils," says Elizabeth Mrema, UN Environment Programme Deputy Executive Director. If you are organizing a restoration or event or activity for WED, register it today at (Read more...)
April 15 marked a year of war in Sudan that started over a dispute on how to incorporate the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) into the country's military, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF). It has created the world's largest internal displacement crisis and the world's worst hunger crisis, with nearly 5 million people at risk of famine. "Yet, despite the risk to regional peace and security and the immense suffering inflicted on the Sudanese people, the international community's response has been wholly insufficient," says Susan Stigant, Director of Africa Programs at the U.S. Institute of Peace. She suggests advancing four priorities that "could mitigate the impact of the war and take steps toward silencing the guns and fostering peace." Among these are prioritizing getting humanitarian assistance to those most in need through mechanisms that are most effective and getting back to basics in the next round of ceasefire talks. (Read more...)
Gang violence and protests have significantly escalated in Haiti since the beginning of 2024. In March, the situation reached a critical point after armed gangs attacked government buildings and forced the prime minister to resign. National supply lines of food, water, and gas have been disrupted as the violence has spread, exacerbating the hunger crisis, with over 4 million people facing extreme hunger. WANGO endorses the effort of Christian Disaster Response (CDR) in providing emergency aid to their partners near Cap Haïtien, having worked with them on previous disasters. To make a donation towards relief materials, visit Medical volunteers are also needed. To volunteer, contact their office at or 1-863-967-HELP (4357). (Read more...)
It is vital that humanitarian aid provided meets the needs and priorities of people impacted by crisis. Launched on March 21, the strengthened Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), reflecting input from more than 4,000 voices from crisis-affected communities and response organizations across 90 countries, renews the commitments that aid actors are making to people in crisis. It is now more inclusive and accessible, with a simplified language and a streamlined structure to engage a broader spectrum of actors who support those facing crisis. The CHS Alliance invites organizations to show their commitment to accountability by signing the Statement of Commitment at (Read more...)
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The International Federation on Ageing works to inform, educate, and promote policies and practices to improve the quality of life of older persons around the world.
Clean Up the World is one of the largest community based environmental program in the world, mobilizing an estimated 35 million volunteers from 120 countries annually to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.
Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest NGO.

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