Governance and Bylaws

WANGO is an international membership organization. The general direction of the work of the Association is the responsibility of the International Council, which is elected by the membership, and which supervises and approves decisions affecting goals, policies, plans, and programs. International Council members are elected to three-year terms. Between meetings of the International Council, the International Executive Committee is responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the Association and for the implementation of the decisions of the International Council. The Secretary General serves as the chief executive officer under the International Council and exercises general supervision over the affairs of the Association. In addition, there are national and sub-regional chapters of the Association, as well as national representatives for those countries without established chapters.


The WANGO Bylaws
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The Bylaws with Standing Rules
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International Council Members
Dr. Tageldin Hamad (Chair)
Dr. Thomas G. Walsh (Vice Chair)
Chair, Universal Peace Federation International
Dr. Kathy Winings (Secretary of the Association)
Vice President of the Board, International Relief Friendship Foundation; President, Educare
Dr. Noel Brown
President, Friends of the United Nations
Marian Barnes
President, ANDECO
Dr. Wajeeha Al-Baharna
Vice President, Bahrain Women Association
Dr. Thomas J. Ward
Dean Emeritus, College of Public and International Affairs, University of Bridgeport
Rachel Alexander
Deputy Secretary General

Damjan Brkic
IT Consultant

J'Lein Liese
Co-chair, Code of Ethics Committee

Rumiko Isaksen

William Lay
Co-chair, Code of Ethics Committee

Jean Rondon
Membership Director

Mohammed B. Attah
Africa Regional Coordinator

WANGO is a 501(c)(3) public charity
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