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Preparing Your
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How would you like to learn (for FREE) awesome short-cuts (the same ones used by the best advocates, lawyers, activists, and PR experts) to crawl inside the mind of the most perfect, ready-to-work-with-you decision-maker you'll ever find and get them to work with you?


Knowing these 3 shortcuts makes it clear how to create a super effective message for all your programs, discussions, and outreach efforts, or anything else you might rely on to bring in results quickly and easily (and by results I mean influence and impact)


Even if you've been completely clueless about creating a persuasive message until now.


Most NGOs and advocates never figure these first steps out.. and it's why they struggle. And if you can't get your message out, when you can't influence people—and especially the decision-makers, it also means you don't get funds coming in!


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And the best part? These 3 powerful short-cuts are being given away this week... but you have to get involved right away.


It's my way of:

  • --Helping you leverage your limited and stressed resources as the global financial crisis (GFC) settles in
  • --Giving you a way to pick-up skills, advice and specific tactics that will skyrocket your influence and so help more people quicker, and
  • --Letting you know the NGO Academy exists!


This 3-part training module is crammed with 100% need-to-know content.


You will learn, you will be thrilled and enlightened, and you will get a front row to cutting edge content that reveals how NGO representatives can position themselves for massive impact.


So why are we just giving it away? To spread a little joy, to help strengthen the NGO community, and yes, even help you increase your funding (after all, good fundraising works best when linked with great advocacy, but more on that another time.)


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Dr. Karen Judd Smith

About the NGO Academy:

The NGO Academy's mission is to help NGO staff, representatives, volunteers and interns prepare to be effective advocates, change-leaders and agents of influence. These are key capacities needed for influencing decision-makers and raising funds. But regardless of your interest in anything else the Academy offers, we are delighted and honored to offer this training, because we know that when you use these 3 shortcuts, you will be able to better serve even more people. And that is a significant reward !