WANGO Annual Conference 2005

The Role of NGOs in Creating a World Fit for Children

November 17-20, 2005
Renaissance Jaragua Hotel
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The world's leading meeting for NGOs dedicated to the ideals of service, world peace, and global well-being


May I draw your attention to this positive effect of my attendance at the Budapest Conference [resulting in an affiliation between the African Development Programme and EURAD]. Mr. Abbey’s attention was drawn to the EURAD exhibit which was received by many in a good fashion. EURAD’s membership in WANGO and your invitation to me to introduce our NGO at a workshop has been a very positive and a very happy experience. I look forward to many more contacts with you and with numerous new friends I made while being there.
Grainne Kenny
International President, Europe Against Drugs (EURAD)

Our participation in the Annual Conference has been most stimulating and interactive, which accorded us the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other NGOs from all over the world. The knowledge and experience acquired at this forum has enriched us individually and collectively and will be utilized in advancing our cause. We are indeed happy and proud to be part of the WANGO family.
Dr. Maryam Babangida
Founder, Better Life Programme for African (Rural) Women
Former First Lady, Nigeria


Topics of your annual conference are always practical and timely and they always ensure steady long-term development of relations, enrich with information, and broaden world outlook and wide understanding of vital problems.
Reyhan Huseynova
Baku, Azerbaijan

Beyond religions, races, cultures, politics, different opinions, we found together at the WANGO Annual Conference the warmth of communication, upheld by a high professionalism and academic rigor. It was an excellent framework to collaborate for finding solutions for some of the world’s problems, for sharing extraordinary moments, for learning from others. . . Making the personal balance sheet for the year, I realized that the WANGO meeting offered unknown joy to me, an unknown trust in myself, in those people, in the world, in friendship, in love.
Aurora Martin
Euro-Atlantic Partnership for Sustainable Development (Romania)